Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Unadillan News Notes of the Boy Scouts

The Unadilla Historical Association recently was given several copies of The Unadillan, a monthly magazine published by Unadilla High School students during the late 1920s and 1930s. The issues we have at hand are 12-page staple-bound magazines with covers, commercially printed compendiums of school news, sports, articles and poetry written by the school's students, and news of the clubs and groups that met in the school. It's the Boy Scout News notes that interest us here.

The Boy Scouts, October 1929: "Last week, September 23, the Boy Scouts met and registered for another year. There were about 25 boys who were registered. Within the past week Rev. Yale Lyon received a letter from headquarters that he is the Scoutmaster of the oldest troop in America, since he started this troop in 1910. We hope to make many advancements this year as we did last." (Penciled note added: YL had met Sir Baden Powell at Oxford, Eng.)

Girl Scouts, October 1929: "The Girl Scouts held a corn roast on the Ontio hill, September 6. This was in honor of Scout Kenneth Gurney, who went on the Boy Scout (World) Jamboree to Europe this summer. Many scouts as well as invited guests enjoyed the talk Kenneth gave us. Although it rained everyone seemed to have a good time." (Penciled note: I ate 8 ears!)

The Boy Scouts, November 1929: "The Boy Scouts met on Monday, November 4. The Court of Honor was present and several boys tried tests before them. We have organized permanent patrols and each patrol studies by themselves. We hope to make many advances in this manner. After a period of study, we play games for awhile and then the troops are dismissed."

Boy Scout News, October 1930: "The Boy Scouts started the year's program with a meeting at the Rectory, September 8, when the Hon. Arthur North showed several reels of film, and with the first Board of Review, October 13. The regular meetings are held each Monday night at the High School gym. Board of Review being there the first Monday of the month. The Scoutmaster, Rev. Yale Lyon, and Assistant Scoutmaster Monrow Cole have received registrations from 21 boys, including four new members."
"Wednesday, October 1 Gray McClintock lectured for the benefit of the Scouts on his adventures as a pioneer and woodsman in northern Canada. Although there was a small attendance, the amount made will help with expenses."
"As an indication of progress, during the past year 14 boys became Second Class, and 13 First Class Scouts. Ninety-seven merit badges were awarded."

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