Thursday, June 10, 2010

Curtis Ballard Album Photos of Long Island Roosevelt Pilgrimage in 1933

Ray Ballard of Sidney, NY recently showed us a family photo album of his father's, Curtis Ballard, with some pictures of his father and Daniel Carter Beard at some Long Island Boy Scout event in the 1930s. A little detective work revealed his father was present at an annual Theodore Roosevelt Pilgrimage event in Oyster Bay, NY, probably around October 20 of 1933, the anniversary of Roosevelt's death in 1919. Many of the photos show "Uncle Dan" Beard and other buckskinned dignitaries ready to march to the grave site of the 26th President, columns of marching Scouts waving American flags, and a group of boys in full Indian regalia, several of which I have used to illustrate the blog article Daniel Carter Beard and the Theodore Roosevelt Pilgrimage posted below. One picture shows Curtis in a suit standing next to the grizzled National Commissioner.

Another related item, a 40th Crusade felt patch, a souvenir of the 1949 Pilgrimage to Roosevelt's grave, showed up recently in a collection of 1940s and 1950s patches donated to the Unadilla Boy Scout Museum. Collectors of Roosevelt memorabilia are familiar with buttons marking various years of this event but this little felt patch is unusual.

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  1. Hi, FYI: The 1949 40th Crusade 1949 Pilgrimage patch you guys have on your site as a T.R. Pilgrimage item is wrong. It has nothing to do with the T.R. Roosevelt Pilgrimage.. Do the Math?? 1919-1949 id thirty years...not Forty Years. I have a collection of T.R. Roosevelt Pilgrimage Pins and Patches I can send you scans of to put on your site. I just want mention that they are mine. Donald Tuttle can vouch for me. Glad to help. Garry Vaiana