Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rare photographs of the First New York Boy Scout Encampment (camporee) at Cooperstown NY, 1911.

From a set of 1911 Real Photograph Post Cards recently donated to the Troop 1 Boy Scout Museum. The first three of the set of six are published here with historical notes-we'll post the other three soon.

051815-2 The July 18 card says; "This is the Scouts at Cooperstown on their way walking home. Be there about Thursday. Cecil" The photograph pictures the massed scouts before the grave of James Fenimore Cooper in the churchyard of Christ Episcopal Church, 46th Street Cooperstown, NY, campaign hats lowered, hiking staves and community banners--Oneonta, Morris, Mohawk, etc. held high.  A white-collared young Rev. Yale Lyon is seen to the lower right of "The Scouts" banner in the last row nearest the church.

051815-3 and 4.  Two other postcards show near 100 Scouts and leaders massed before the Indian Hunter Statue in Cooper Park  (later moved to Lakefront Park in 1940). Again, Reverend Yale Lyon shows up wearing a tall-brimmed campaign hat and ecclesiastical collar.  (fifth in from the right margin.).

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